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Water Closet Comics: A bowl + a hole

Water Closet Comics

 “Drug test, Ma’am?  Drug Test, Ma’am?” shouted the small Filipino man as we walked up the narrow stairway in front of us.  We could barely make it to the top of the stairs due to his excessive desire to help us….. in expectation of money for his services. 

My fellow missionary friend and I were confident that we could find our own way.  This was unlike any western facility used for drug testing.   The narrow, dark stairway was dirty and reeked of unfamiliar smells.  It was evident that the building, like most in the Philippines, was once nice about 100 years ago. We entered a small room with a few tables and explained our desire to have a drug test in order to obtain our drivers license in the Philippines. 

Of course, with any drug test the obvious is required, a urine sample.  On any other day this would have been an easy task, however, communication had been misinterpreted that day between my friend and I.  I didn’t drink enough water to complete the task at hand. In the back corner of this room was a door which led to where the specimen would be given. 

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