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Water Closet Comics: Comfort Room


There before me were two doors. Both were occupied, so my bladder waited patiently like my mother taught me growing up. We had driven 45 minutes to this village, so there were no restrooms available. We were only surrounded by plants, a dirt road, and the bush. This water closet experience looked to be promising considering there were doors and the structure was made of concrete. Two things that are not common in most villages I had visited.

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Water Closet Comics: A bowl + a hole

Water Closet Comics

 “Drug test, Ma’am?  Drug Test, Ma’am?” shouted the small Filipino man as we walked up the narrow stairway in front of us.  We could barely make it to the top of the stairs due to his excessive desire to help us….. in expectation of money for his services. 

My fellow missionary friend and I were confident that we could find our own way.  This was unlike any western facility used for drug testing.   The narrow, dark stairway was dirty and reeked of unfamiliar smells.  It was evident that the building, like most in the Philippines, was once nice about 100 years ago. We entered a small room with a few tables and explained our desire to have a drug test in order to obtain our drivers license in the Philippines. 

Of course, with any drug test the obvious is required, a urine sample.  On any other day this would have been an easy task, however, communication had been misinterpreted that day between my friend and I.  I didn’t drink enough water to complete the task at hand. In the back corner of this room was a door which led to where the specimen would be given. 

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Water Closic Comic: Ants in my Pants


We had been driving through the thick bush into the mountains for what seemed like over an hour. A Filipino pastor offered to drive myself and a fellow missionary friend to a church located in a rural area. Like most villages, it didn’t offer the conveniences of a Western restrooms.

I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves in inconvenient locations where the urge to relieve ourselves caused us to do things that we wouldn’t openly admit to our family, much less our friends.

You remember…..…..

the car door hiding your cute tooshy on the side of the road.…..

or the leaves you used on that camping trip.…..

and let’s not even think about how many swimming pools.

I grew up in the South and was not a stranger to finding alternatives in the woods as a kid. There were too many imaginary games and playing to be had, which meant running home to use the toilet was not convenient. So we often “popped a squat” and took care of business.

As time passed and we grew up, not only did we stop playing in the woods, but popping a squat became illegal. You could get thrown in jail for indecent exposure in the USA.

In some parts of Africa, the side of the roads were used for these very things. In the Philippians, you had to be more careful about which leaf you chose.

This particular day as we travelled deep into the tropical forest, I soon learned laws and leafs were the least of my worries.

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There she was again standing at the door of the school room, like she was waiting for something. Every week I would attempt to speak to this nine year old Filipina girl and every week she would just stare at me. I could tell she wanted something, but she would never respond. She would just stand patiently staring at me. I finally started using my hands to communicate after discovering that she had not been able to speak or hear since birth. Every week my heart would cry out in compassion and I would say to myself, “Khristina, pray for that girl! God can heal her!” But every week, my complacency and fear of the unknown won and I walked away watching Rosa still unable to hear or speak.

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The Philippines

“We can’t help her. She is demon possessed. You can take her home now,” the doctor’s proclaimed. On the way home, in hopes to find help for their nanny, the young Filipino couple took 18 year old, Jasmine, by the Catholic church for the priest to pray over her. As they stood before the priest, the demon took control of Jasmine’s body and said out loud to the priest, “You are a liar!”

The next day is when we received the call requesting help to pray for Jasmine. Myself and a friend walked to the employer’s house where Jasmine was staying only a mile away. Jasmine’s father had just arrived from a remote village to take her back home, so we spent some time chatting with him before entering the house.


Freely We RECEIVE, Freely Give


Every week we drove an hour to a nearby village to host a women’s bible study. Angelia, along with eight other women joined together to share victories, struggles, fears, and how God could help us.  One particular day, Angelia shared how our prayers and encouragement led her to take action and see God move in her village.

I couldn’t understand every word of the dialect that she was using, however, the passion she exuded while sharing her story made me want to cry. Tears soon began to form in Angelia’s eyes, as she told the story of how God led her to reach out to a neighbor she met on the street.

“On my way to get vegetables for my children to eat, I saw a woman on the road. She was in desperation as she explained that her child was very sick. She had no money and needed to get to the hospital. I only had 20 pesos ($0.50) in my pocket, which is what I was using to buy dinner. So, I went to the woman’s house and prayed for the child and told her, “You must believe that God will heal your baby.” I felt the Lord told me to give this mother the 20 pesos in my pocket. With that money, the mother left to take her child to the hospital.”

What an incredible sacrifice Angelia made giving everything she had to this mother, knowing her children would not eat that evening.

Angelia continued, “A week later this same woman asked to meet with me. She was so overwhelmed with appreciation for my prayers. She said, ‘God has healed my baby! Of all the babies who were brought into the hospital this week for dengue fever, my baby is the only one who survived. I know it was God who healed him!'”

When Angelia heard this, she began to share the gospel of Jesus with this mother and led her to receive Him as her Savior. Excited to see the power of God working in their lives, they both began going around praying for the sick in their village and leading them to Christ after seeing neighbor after neighbor receive healing in their bodies.

Angelica shared with me, “I feel so much joy inside knowing that another person is walking in freedom and able to experience the truth of God.”

Tears still streaming down my cheeks, my joy was in hearing of God’s healing power and saving grace. Even more I felt joy in hearing how Angelica believed in God and began to walk in that same authority and boldness. If you are a child of God, He has given us all the same authority to lay hands on the sick and see them recover.

Freely we have received love, life, hope and healing through Christ; freely we share this same truth with others.

Thank you, Jesus!

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Space Between


The breeze was gentle as the sun began to set in the distance. I could already hear the musicians beginning their warm up set near the bottom of the mountain, as others prepared for the kickoff event of our annual youth camp.  One hundred and twenty-seven students from 50 villages would soon converge on a grassy mountainside to hear the gospel for the first time. I wondered if they would even be able to stay awake since most of them traveled hours that day to attend the camp.

On my way down the mountainside, I was met by our first aid worker with three sick youth.  One student was dehydrated, the other had a severe stomach ache and the other a toothache.  One by one we prayed for them and one by one God instantly healed them. 

As I finally made my way towards the muscians, three more leaders were approaching me with more sick students.  Just like the three before them, God instantly healed them one by one. Of those six students, there was one that I will never forget, Jasmine.

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The Difference of One


Exhausted from teaching all day and spending the last 40 minutes praying with a demon-possessed boy, I crept quietly up the concrete stairs to join 50 Filipino student leaders and staff as they began the last session of the day. Sweet praise and worship music was playing as the sun set and the humid, night breeze invaded the uncovered windows of this upper room. A deep breath of relief flowed from my innermost being as I enjoyed this moment. For the first time today no one needed prayer, deliverance, or teaching from me. I could just have precious “me & Jesus time.”

The room was packed and joyful voices of praise rang loud as I walked past twenty people to find a seat near the back of the room.  I lifted my hands and began to lift my heart in worship when I heard the Lord say, “Go give her a hug.”  Just like a daughter knows what her dad is saying, I knew who the Lord was speaking about because I passed her on the way in the door. I chose to ignore his words and continued with my arms and voice raised high in worship.  Just like you would expect a father to react to disobedience, it’s almost as if He took my chin in his hand and turned it in her direction near the door to confirm what He had said.  There she was sitting in her chair – a Filipina woman by the name of Mella. 

A few months prior, a friend and I had prayed for Mella and seen God heal her both emotionally and physically.  After experiencing a miracle, she traveled three hours back to her village and I had not seen her since.

“I see her, Lord, but I’m tired.  Can I just have 15 minutes of me & you time?  I will go hug her after a few songs,” I said as I lifted my hands again in worship.  Reasoning in my head that surely God will see my need for him first after serving Him and others all day.  What about me, Lord? You are a jealous God, and I’m being jealous of my time with you now, so surely you understand.  Using God’s own words against him didn’t exactly work out the way I thought it would.  


In a room full of 75 people singing, clapping, and loud music, even a few moments of silence from the Lord can feel like an eternity.  A silence that kept me from worshiping and connecting with my Creator.  Much like a father would raise his eyebrow with eyes locked, waiting for his daughter to make the wise choice to obey.

Then I heard Him say it again, “Khristina, Go give her a hug.” 

Unlike you may often experience in situation’s like this with your children, my feelings of exhaustion and stubbornness made me want to stomp over and give her a hug with my shoulders shrugged, lip tucked out, and heavy steps. However, we all know that God looks at the heart, not the outward appearance, so a quick heart adjustment had to be done before making my move.

At once I realized the error of my ways, I immediately turned and walked over to hug Mella. I quickly said, “Hello,” hugged and greeted her, found my seat, and began to worship unhindered.   

Following the service, many had made their way to the front to receive prayer. I was just about to pick my foot up off the ground to join everyone when someone grabbed my hand from behind. I turned to see Mella standing there. She grabbed both my hands and drew me closer to speak. She said, “Khristina, do you remember a few months ago when you prayed for me? I had pain in my hands and God healed me.” I assured her that I did remember that day very clearly. 

There is no formula, plan, process, or method for God – you only need to be obedient.

She continued by saying, “Well, I’ve been experiencing pain in my stomach recently.” I thought she was going to ask me to pray for her again, but what she said next will be forever etched in my memory. 

Mella expressed, “Earlier when you came over and gave me a hug…. the pain went away.”  

Of all the miracles I’ve seen God perform, this by far is my favorite.  There is no formula, plan, process, or method for God – you only need to be obedient.  For obedience is better than sacrifice. (1 Samuel 15:22)  If you have a relationship with God, that’s all you need – just listen & obey. 

Romans 8:11 says, “The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you. And just as God raised Christ Jesus from the dead, he will give life to your mortal bodies by this same Spirit living within you.”  

It is God who heals the sick,

not me,

not you. 

If you have a relationship with God, then He lives in you, just like He lives in me. So, His same power that healed Mella can also heal you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Thank you, Jesus!

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Spirit of Heaviness


“Ate Khristina, I need your help!” I turned to see a beautiful, familiar face awaiting my recognition and invitation for assistance. Grace shared that a year ago she started having chest pains. They felt more like heart attacks that would happen periodically.

Last night she laid in bed experiencing yet another attack and didn’t know what to do. As we continue to chat, I noticed she seemed a little out of breath. She agreed that during these chest pains, which she was currently experiencing, she felt a lot of pressure on her chest and it was hard for her to breathe.

God spoke to me and said, “Khristina, there is a spirit of heaviness pushing down on her. Rebuke it in my name!” So, I did.

As soon as I said, “In Jesus Name, you spirit of heaviness leave!” Grace took a huge breath of relief. She was breathing normally again. All chest pain was gone.

She said, “I felt the pressure and pain go when you said, ‘Spirit of heaviness leave!'” 

We have been given the authority through Jesus Christ to lay hands on the sick and see them recover. (Matthew 10:1) I’m not a doctor, so there is no way that I can diagnose what is going on in people’s bodies, but I do know the GREAT PHYSICIAN. He can tell me what the root of the sickness is, which is not always caused by physical problems.

Remember, it’s always good to “Be still and know that He is God.” (Psalms 46:10) He will tell you how to pray.  

“The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon Me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good tidings to the poor; He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound; to proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all who mourn, to console those who mourn in Zion, to give them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they may be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified.” ~ ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭61:1-3‬

Thank you, Jesus!

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Pray Always, then Repeat


Before me stood a petite Honduran man. As he limped towards me, I could barely hear what he was saying because my focus was on his legs. One leg was extremely larger than the other. I soon found out that he had injured his knee the day before while hiking up a mountain.

A friend and I offered to pray for God to heal him, but nothing happened.

So we prayed again. The pain lessened, but he still limped.

So we prayed again. The pain lessened, but he was still limping.

So we prayed again. This went on until we had prayed almost 10 times.

Jesus prayed for the blind man several times before he was healed so we were following His example which proved to be working. By this time, he had very little pain and was walking comfortably around the room. I asked him, “Do you want to keep praying?” He said, “Yes. There’s still a little pain and I can’t bend my knee all the way back.” So, we kept praying until almost all pain was gone and he could bend his knee.

The next day I saw him with a bandage wrapped around his knee.

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